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How it Works?

We will make a finished product out of your Terms of Reference on time, using the best methods and techniques

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We make an NDA. Send via feedback form or directly to

Project Assessment

Our technical specialist will work with the PM to estimate your project within a few hours (estimate may change after further immersion in the project, initial estimate may not be final)

Signing the contract

Usually this stage is completed in 3-4 working hours, we don't complicate things and like fast processes.

The magic begins.

We create a chat in Slack or another platform convenient for you, break down sprints in Notion, and prepare DevStage for your project. You'll be able to follow the progress of your project live!


Our QA team checks the project before handover and makes any changes. Then we show the beta version to you, roll out the changes - we finalize it.

Project finalization

We sign the acts, move the site to the customer hosting/domain, get payment, take over the new project from you.

Project completion

We move the project to prod, get paid, accept a new project from you. Repeat!

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What to Expect?

Pixel perfect

We are committed to the highest quality performance. That's why we offer quality project support, product testing and finishing. Yes, we do the testing ourselves. We make the corrections ourselves. And we deliver the project ready to go.

Maximum support

For many of our projects, we produce our own training materials for the client's managers to minimise the burden on our partner agencies.

Your own employee

Oh yes, we can also present ourselves as your employees to take part in pre-sales. This will reassure the client that your company is 'on board' with the project and that the implementation will be of the highest quality.


Some of our partners draw designs in 6-7 sizes. Others only do PC and mobile adaptations. Either way, the project will look cool on any device.

Super fast websites

Our QA specialist checks the project before delivery, we make changes, then show you the beta. You roll out the changes - we finish.

The Tools & Technologies we use

That we know how to make the most of. Our core technology stack.



  • HTML5
  • React
  • VueJS
  • Vue
  • Bootstrap
  • NodeJS Text
  • CSS3
  • JavaScript


  • Laravel
  • PHP
  • Symfony
  • GitHub
  • GitLab
  • Docker

Our Engagement Models

  • Time & Material

    • Long-term project
    • Undefined budget
    • Full control over the project
    • No clear requirements
    Hire us
  • Fixed Price

    • Short-term project
    • Modest budget
    • Minor changes possible
    • Strict scope schedule
    Hire us
  • Monthly Salary + Fee

    • Any project length
    • Well-estimated projects
    • Direct management
    • Full-time engagement
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Which Cooperation Model Is the Best Fit for Web Development?

  • Dedicated Team

    The Dedicated Team requires a full-time commitment from your software developers. They will dedicate 8 hours a day, 5 days a week to your project. With, you can outsource web development to a single coder or an entire dedicated team consisting of programmers, DevOps, QA engineers, project managers, etc. Clients say it's a convenient model because they can directly control and manage their team without having to worry about office space or recruitment.

  • Project-based outsourcing

    The best solution for short-term projects is web development outsourcing. You share your task with us and get a team ready to go. Our web developers will prepare a quote and send it to you for approval. Once everything is agreed, we will assign the right number of web developers to complete the project. You don't need to manage or control them - we take care of all the administration and management. This model works best for non-tech companies who want to focus on their core business.

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